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Today, Serzh Sargsyan’s son-in-law cafe, Jazzve’s employees and several dozens of cafes in the nearby café have decided to secure media hysteria to save the so-called «opera cafés». These cafes have long ago ruined the green areas of the Opera and ruined the appearance of the most important cultural complex. It turns out that for several days Michael Minasyan has tried in different ways to contact Hayk Marutyan in order to try to solve the problem of his cafe through the methods of «old» Armenia. He addressed other well-known cultural figures working for Armenia TV to solve the problem, so they organized the meeting with him and the mayor. The mayor abruptly rejected any backbone deals and told the mediators that the former television business was unilateral and the interest of Yerevan was unilateral.
The mayor also said that Yerevan’s appearance and green areas can not be a topic of discussion. Michael Minasyan, who was unable to meet with the mayor, nevertheless instructed his subordinates to keep quiet and to open their café. Minasyan was unable to believe and calculate that the situation in Armenia has changed so much that there is no fear of him and some of his media outlets and that the attempts and intimidations of all his dark deals are now doomed to failure.

Taking such a slap from the mayor, surprised Minasyan and his workers brought all the people and all their media out to Liberty Square today. In parallel, the protestors from other cafés and a number of free media outlets, who have been balanced, have depicted a café for millions of oligarchs against the mayor of Yerevan’s greenery and beauty.

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