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Загрузка... presents a video showing how a tragic car accident took place, and Opel collapsed as a result of a collision with the opposite lane, and as a result Opel’s gas cylinder was thrown out, and one of the people there was thrown out of the car. appearing on the asphalt, passes through the passenger Gazelle. It turns out that not only a car accident, but also a run down. As the photojournalist informed earlier, on March 10, a major and tragic car accident took place in the administrative area of ​​Kasakh village on the Yerevan-Ashtarak highway. At about 18:40, the driver of the Opel 34 SS 441, driving down the road from Yerevan, crossed the roadway, collided with the electroassay and came across in the opposite lane. As a result of the crash, 2 people died on the spot, 3 people were diagnosed with extreme severe diagnosis, 2 were taken by ambulance cars and 1 were taken to «Armenia» medical center.

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