The Special Investigative Service of the Republic of Armenia issued a statement addressing a number of statements by Robert Kocharyan’s lawyer, Ruben Sahakyan. The SIS report states: In response to the statements made by Robert Kocharyan’s advocate Ruben Sahakyan accused of overthrowing the constitutional order, today we have to say the following: Any announcement made by the Chief of the RA Special Investigation Service, including the fact that the army was involved in the events of March 1, as a result of which the timely replacement of the soldiers on the border, the use of firearms by military bullets and the distribution of money to the private means, on reliable evidence obtained through procedural procedures within the criminal case. We hope that in the near future all these proofs will be investigated during a public trial, and the defense side will no longer be deprived of the opportunity to try to mislead the public by spreading false information. After all, only Ruben Sahakyan has not got acquainted with the materials of the criminal case or has been acquainted with them, but presents them distorted, misleading the public or has got acquainted, but for some objective reasons it is not possible to perceive their content, which is more disturbing , because in that case it will turn out that he deceives not only the public but also his client. We do not want, of course, Ruben Sahakyan to respond with his low-quality expressions, instead we call on him not to go beyond the limits of correctness and legal ethics. » the SIS said in a statement. ©
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