Aha te ov e Nanyi Sirekany


The singer Nana is one of the most talkative figures of Armenian show during the past month. The reason was his new wedding dress, which raised a wave of conversations. The singer also took advantage of the opportunity to remain in the spotlight for a long time. In conversation with Esem.am, Nana’s manager, Paul Amirkhanyan, clarified the rumors about the singer’s name. «In fact, Nana did not marry. The bridesmaid dresses were not made during their wedding, but for one of the magazines, the cover of which was the one on the cover, «said Paul, adding that the singer still does not care about marriage because she is overwhelmed with creative work. In the future, he is busy with new recordings, solo concerts abroad and collective concerts abroad. We also want to present a new video, because of the shortage of time we are unable to carry out. «

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