Qich araj feysbuqyan grarman mijocov


• Last week I received a lawyer license and would join a group of lawyers who do not hesitate to protect their clients, regardless of their publicity, realizing that a real legal state can take place when everyone has all the opportunities and warranties of defense and law enforcement.

• Last week I founded a non-governmental organization. Our goal is to control the processes taking place in the country, to identify problems, but to offer solutions together with it. Our vision is that through education and unbiased, balanced control we are able to record changes in our country. We are ready to include in our team all those who are not indifferent towards what is happening and are ready to invest in the rule of law, human rights protection, and strengthening democratic institutions.

• I am going to be a professional partner in the David and Partners consulting firm. This company is unique in its kind, team and business format. Being a specialist in business, investment, and focusing on the development of complex policies in the legal field, the company covers a wide range of areas, from taxation to intellectual property. We believe that quality service providers can create real values, change business and investment environments in our country.

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