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For a few days the Armenian society is discussing the possible release of Mher Yenokyan, who was sentenced to life imprisonment for murder. Of course, it’s strange that the public is divided into parts and discusses whether to release it or not. In a lawful state, this discussion would not be so fierce, and if it were, it would not have any impact on judicial decisions.
Mher Yenokyan seems to be well aware of the situation in Armenia over the past few months, not trying to get back to court and to prove his innocence, as he himself claims he has not committed a murder and has been wrongly convicted. , but tries to be forgiven, influencing the emotional part of society.
The possible release of Yenokyan really aggravated many and, of course, to relatives of his victim, Joseph Aghajanov. For many, it is incomprehensible how people insist that Enokyan is innocent when he is not acquainted with the court case and there is no justification for his decision and according to a legally valid court decision, he has planned and committed a murder, the young man through slaughter.
This incident was another opportunity for discussion. Some were wondering why the authorities are not questioning the release of Nairi and Karen Hunanyan. After all, they are also sentenced to life, and they do not accept their guilt, and they have committed a murderous murder.
And if Yenokyan is granted a pardon without a new trial and substantive evidence, there may be groups in the society who will demand the release of Hunanyan. Moreover, the Hunanians can apply for the ECHR and Yenokyan precedent so that they can be released too.
Taking all this into account, Nikol Pashinyan and Armen Sargsyan should clearly understand what decisions they make. They should understand that by one decision they can open the «pandora box» and in that case it will no longer be possible to step back. In the case of Mher Yenokyan there is one realistic solution, reopened the case and publicly conduct a fair trial. And if, in fact, Yenokyan is innocent, he must be released, and moreover, the state must compensate him.
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