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Yesterday’s dispute between the leaders of the political forces participating in the NA extraordinary parliamentary elections, which took place on December 9, lasted over 3 hours for the TV viewer. The debate was unprecedented in its kind. The users of the Internet actively discussed and drew parallels between debate and New Year’s programs on Eurovision and TV channels, during which Kristine Melkonyan shared her impressions with Would not it be difficult to co-ordinate such a large-scale debate? How did you feel about driving a debate? It was not difficult, he was responsible. We had to deal with politically motivated people, political figures, and we expected that the rules of debate and ethics would be maintained. The sense of live is always the same, the excitement, the anxiety, the cause of which is the high responsibility of the viewer. What do you think about Vigen Sargsyan’s statement that it was not effective to hold such a debate? — All the participants in the debate stated that such a format is unprecedented. 11 participants, three and a half hours of live broadcast, this became possible thanks to the professionalism of a great team of public and this fact was not questioned. How effective the debate would be, would the TV viewer appreciate? The debate on its kind was really unique — to gather all the Prime Minister candidates on the air. Can you give an example of international experience that such a debate has been arranged? If so, you can draw parallels. -The preparation work of this debate lasted a long time. And in these works, NDI expert Jeff Fox has been providing advisory support. The format of the debate fully corresponded to internationally accepted rules of such format. The public has created a precedent and set a high professional level. How Did the Debate Holders Decide? — Can I assume that according to professionalism (smiling)? What kind of indicator has yesterday’s debate recorded? Is there any digital data available? — There are no final figures yet, but according to preliminary data, the spectacle was unprecedented. In addition, this is only the television index, the online platform has not yet been collected. Candidates, in other words, off the record were communicating with each other. My impression was that they were respectful to each other. And, I think, this should not be surprising, but just. Their natural needs, say, the need to smoke or toiletries, how they could curb during a debate that lasted more than 3 hours. It was a matter of active discussion of users on the Internet. — Of course, this problem could not be dropped off. And, of course, there was a solution. Before the debate, the participants were informed that they could take care of their needs. There was a responsible employee at the pavilion who would accompany the attendant out of the booth if needed, then, with the pavilion. But, as you have already noted, no one even left the debate for a few minutes (smiling). The other host Armen Doulian did not want to comment on the debate, saying he never speaks about his work, can speak about America, Singapore but not itself. The host has only responded to a global precedent for large-scale debates. «During my life in the Czech Republic, I have seen myself in such a debate that gathered the first faces of parties. There is also such a debate in America, but there are those debates among the same party representatives, «said the host. Arpine Petrosyan:

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