«Today, they attacked me and beat my candidate, Mesrop Papikyan, a member of the team, who was nominated by the» My Step «alliance in N1 electoral district.

The team member posted posters in Nor Norq 6th Block, when he noticed that his posters were spoiled,

approached those who did and attacked. They hit him, the phone fell off the ground and then hit his face.

At present, we are in the police station and we will testify. We also went to the «Wei» headquarters with the police representatives, trying to understand what had happened,

but they did not respond well and refused to call the candidate to explain who made the same thing.

Such actions are not new to Armenia, such behavior is condemnable …

Later, we, the candidate for the bloc, member of Yerevan Council of Elders Ani Khachatryan wrote on his Facebook page:

«My Step by Step by Step Alliance’s Advocate and Adviser to the Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, Mesrop Papikyan, intervened with the police and a group of unknown people to the Central Office of the Alliance and tried to clear the accounts …

The latter showed disrespect towards those in the office, without the permission of any of the work maps in the office,

which shows the routes of the bloc, propaganda materials, and shoot the activists …

On this occasion WE ALWAYS reported to the police

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