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Armineh Kh., Born in 1977, was charged with premeditated murder by the preliminary investigation body under Article 104 (1) of the RA Criminal Code. The murdered man was Maria’s three-month-old daughter, Armine’s spouse.

During the investigation Armine Kh. Was diagnosed with mental illness, for security reasons, he was placed in Nubarashen Psychiatric Clinic.

According to the charge, Armine Kh. In 2004 was acquainted with Hakob H., they entered into factual marital relations, lived in Ashtarak together. Similarly, in 2004, Hakob got acquainted with another woman, Angela, and took him to her home and was also found in factual marriage relationships. Hakob lived with two women at the same house …

On December 8, 2007, Angela had a baby and had a baby girl. The name is Maria.

In March 2008, Armineh K. hit the baby on the head with a stone intentionally to kill Mary for three months on the day she was not found out …

After that Armine fled to Yerevan.

The parents of the kidnapped child, Hakob and Angela, discovered a dead body in the house, dug a pit under the wall and buried the baby in a suburban house.

The baby’s body was exhumed seven years later, on October 15, 2015. Armine Kh. Was arrested on October 17 and on October 22 she was transferred to a psychiatric hospital.

The successor of the kidnapped child, Hakob H.’s testimony, was introduced to Armine in 2004. They loved each other, lived in Ashtarak, had three children. She also got acquainted with Angela, was in touch with her and brought her to Ashtarak’s home. In December 2007, a girl was born and named Maria.

They lived in the underground house in Ashtarak, his mother, Armine, Angela. It was a scarecrow, not a home, and it was not even possible to place it in the oven. The bed did not have a bed, the bed consisted of a few long «pallets». Her newborn Angelina Anzhela kept her in his arms «wrapped in adultery.» The child often cried, was sick and coughed.

Hakob insisted in the court that he did not believe Armine had killed the baby, Armine, according to Hakob, loved the child. She had often argued with Angela, she was suspicious, and Marian was her daughter. Since 2009, they have settled in a dormitory.

When he was living in a suburban house, he was separated from work and he and Angelina left for Yerevan to work, while Armine and her mother stayed home and kept the children doing their homework.

In December 2007, Angela gave birth to her mother, and then she was taken to an ambulance by her neighbors, and Angela was taken to the hospital. She did not make any formalized statements for the child due to lack of access, but the child was under medical supervision.

Hakob noted that on the eve of the incident the child was ill, but he did not have time to take him to the hospital.

The next day he and Angela left for Yerevan to work, and when they returned, his mother, who was sitting on the outside, said the baby died. Angela came in, crying out and saying that she does not have half the baby’s face. Angela said there were rats next to her baby. In his opinion, rats have damaged the child’s face … He did not go in, did not see the baby …

He did not know that the dead child had to be hospitalized. In his opinion, Armine did not hit the baby, the baby died or because of illness or rats. Anxela dug a pit next to the house, Angela pulled the baby out of the house without burying it in a coffin and pillow.

Hakob presumed that the baby’s head was damaged when the body was poured, as the head was … open … They placed a child on the body of the body that the dogs did not find the body and then covered it with soil …

He did not want a cemetery because he did not have a passport …

Angela often sat near the baby’s burial place and cried. Neighbors saw this …

Hakob said,

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