1. Fighting is not the first, but the 2nd
2. The Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) is the only one that will contest the power in the parliament
3. At least two parties are taking part in the election to bring a vote to a specific CPA, and one of them (the «yes») is irrationally surprised by the leader of the CS
4. The Rule of Law is hopeless
5. Aram Sargsyan is one of the most influential politicians
6. Sasna Tsar must not leave the parliament in no way
7. Armen Rustamyan’s surname did not learn as well
8. Nikol Pashinyan still believes in his assistants and advisers
9. There are no pre-election promises because there is no demand
10. The favorite of the debate was Gagik Tsarukyan. she was the only one to say, Rebaya, give it a try to druzhno !!!

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