Here is a wonderful advice you can apply.

It is not only a genius, it also works in any country of the world.

Here’s a prudent way to avoid a fine.

Look at the speed limiting road signs. The figure on it is the number that is not allowed at high speed + 10 speeds. It’s the same for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.
Compare that number with your car speed chart. Usually it happens right in front of the driver. The pointer indicates the speed at which you are driving. More recent cars also show speeds.
This is the most difficult item. Adjust the speed of the car with the number you see on the road sign. The police will never be able to penalize you if you do not exceed the set speed.

No matter how strange it is, many do not know this trick. If you use it, you will never have to pay fines for exceeding speed.

Moreover, roads will become safer for everyone.

And your friends know about this trick?

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